The best horse breeds in the world of horse racing:

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10. Andalusian:

Andalusian horses are also known as Spanish horses, originating from the Iberian Peninsula. They are commonly found in grey colour and have a strong build and a thick mane and tail. They are popularly used in movies and also for activities like show jumping and driving. They have been famously used for horse racing since the 17th century.

9. Cob:

Cobs are normally small horses compared to others. They are larger than ponies but they are relatively small and compact blessed with short legs, manes hogged and pulled tails. They are commonly used both in the United States and the United Kingdom and even though now they are used for everyday riding, they were earlier used for driving carts.


8. Tennesse Walking:

Tennesse Walking horses are tall horses with long necks. Because of their calm disposition, smooth gaits and sure-footedness, they are popularly used for riding. They are found famously in the United States of America and are well renowned for their unique running-walk style.


7. Morgan:

Morgan horses are a stronger type of horse, found in the USA. They are commonly found in bay, black or chestnut colour. They have a short back but are very strongly muscled. They are quite versatile as they can be used for dressage, show jumping, cutting and endurance riding.


6. Appaloosa:

Appaloosa horses are a unique breed of horses which can be distinctively spotted due to its colourful spotted coat pattern. Their mottled skin and white sclera are quite visible to the normal eye. An Appaloosa horse holds the record for a 4.5-furlong race as this type of breed is popularly used for middle-distance racing.


5. Thoroughbred:

These are hot blooded horses, popularly known for their use in horse racing. Originating form Britain, they are strong, agile and full of spirit which makes them very much appropriate for the sport of horse racing. They are also used for other purposes, but it is their tall and athletic nature that makes them one of the best breed of horses used in racing.


4. Miniature horse:

These are small type of horses, almost of the size of a very small pony. They are around 90 cm tall and are friendly and jolly in nature. There is a controversy going on if a miniature horse should posses the characteristics of a horse or pony but irrespective of that; miniature horses can be widely used as companions, driving and showmanship.


3. Paint Horse:

It is an American breed of horses distinctively identified by a pattern of black and white coat colours. They are heavy but not so tall and share a common ancestry with the American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred. Their low centre of gravity allows more manoeuvring for quick acceleration and sprinting.


2. Quarter Horse:

Originated from the United States of America, the Quarter Horse is used for both racing as well as showmanship. The horse is widely used for short distance racing. Its name originated as the breed has outdistanced other breeds in quarter mile races by speeding up to 88.5 km/h. Around 5 million America Quarter Horses are registered with the American Quarter Horse Association.


1. Arabian:

As the name says, this breed of horse originates from the Arabian peninsula in the United Arab Emirates. Their chiselled bone structure, high carried tail and concave profile make them very suitable for horse racing. They have been used for centuries now for endurance riding, and they remain one of the most popular horse breeds in the world.

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