Jockey Joe Colliver to continue riding after being released from prison?

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Racing has been the favourite mode of sports and sheer enjoyment for the people from the beginning, and the sports persons who took part in such daredevil activities are cherished as Heroes for their followers. They enjoy fame much similar to any Hollywood celebrity in their region and holds a special place in fan’s heart. However, one deceitful act of the sports person can shatter his fame and can bring about a downfall for the sportsman as it happened to a famous horse rider Joe Colliver, just 25 years’ old who was accused of lying about the situations of a car accident. This accident happened last year in the early hours of Boxing Day and payed a friend of his to take responsibility for it, so he was sentenced to jail for 10 months by a judge at Teesside Crown Court.


The story started when Jockey Joe Colliver was jailed for being deceitful about a drunken car clang and compensating a friend £2,500 to take the blame for himself and protect Colliver’s ideal career. Colliver who is a jockey for Micky Hammond’s yard at Middle Ham, North Yorkshire, and have been his partner in 26 wins last season was told by a judge that it was unacceptable and whatever he did comes under a criminal act. Had he been not fraudulent the 25-year-old rider would have easily gone out with only a fine and driving ban. But because of him not telling the truth earlier, he was jailed for ten months, and his inspiring career took a halt, however, not so potent for devising the escape plan with his companion Lewis Purdie.


Purdie who is 26, guaranteed that he will the police he was driving the Mitsubishi L200 when it collided into a wall in Leyburn in the early hours of Boxing Day in return of £2,500. But police extolled by the judge for having worries about finding Colliver’s blood all over the footwall and driver’s side door. The pair admitted they had been lying when they were defied with the proof. Both were jailed for the exact time for being dishonest, and it gave a serious blow to Colliver’s career back then, and he lost major fans courtesy to this false act.


However, after he has completed his punishment, he is all set to take the horse once again to take part in competitions. Jockey Joe Colliver is hopeful of rebuilding his career in the saddle after he is free from prison. Though he has lost his license as a consequence of that terrible accident and he is trying utterly hard to get his life back on the right path, and he has already started working back at Micky Hammond’s Middleham yard too. The Colliver was unpleased with whatever has happened with his life in the past and admitted in a recent statement that he was deceitful at that time and should not have happened back then. However, at the same time, he is looking to make big once he returns to the battleground as he is hopeful that he will continue the career that was stranded last year on the boxing day. He is also hoping to regain the respect of the racing community that has been narrowed down due to his bad decision of being un-prudent about the accident.

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