Cue Card shows domination at Haydock

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When Cue Card is in the mood, nothing can stop him. This fact was obvious again in very exciting Betfair Chase that happened at Haydock. The crowd gave standing ovations for the racehorse with so much confidence. Everyone claims Cue Card is the most potent racer at the moment. He proves it.


The last run showed why Cue Card has much more to offer than his first opponent Coneygree who is part of Richard Johnson’s team. Richard said he simply got tired and it was visible at the end of the race. His horse Coneygree did not have enough power to finish the race, and that is when Cue Card and Paddy Brennan came to light. In a wonderful finish, Brennan was more stable with the eye on the price. This win is a chance to get a real price. It is £1million bonus if he manages to win the Gold Cup and the King George VI Chase. This sounds like a huge inspiration. Brennan knows it well.


He decided to forget the last month failure at Wetherby where the team tried a new tactic. It was not successful, and it was a big lesson. This time at Haydock, they predicted very well what could happen. A great analysis got them rewards. Brennan said his Cue Card could win any race when he is confident enough. His class is simply unreachable. Most professionals agree with that. They describe the horse as the most versatile racer who has some amazing skills. Some of those have the ability to be the best at the end of the race when the situation is the most excited. Cue Card showed this specific skill in Haydock race and he was more powerful than Coneygree at the very end. The finish line noted who is the best at the moment.


Paddy Brennan agrees with the most important thing. He could not dream in the craziest dreams he would ride a horse like that one. All his dreams came to reality when he got the chance to ride Cue Card. Not many horses are of his class. Stability, explosive finish and great endurance are on his side. When you add a confident rider to the picture, you get the winning combination.


This team is one step closer to the Gold Cup. This race showed much potential. Positive thoughts are there for a reason. They believe they can reach the Gold Cup in the best possible way. If they make it, the price will be in the right hands. We will see what will happen. At the moment, Cue Card and Paddy Brennan takes the lead in the race for the £1million price. Their current condition shows a lot of versatility. If they succeed to stay in that condition, the future wins are around the corner. All supporters want to see again something similar to the powerful performance they saw at Haydock. We are sure that Cue Card has an ability to show it. He can surely bring the same excitement to the crowd again.

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